A view from above with our top of the range drones

The Drone Group offers the opportunity for you to see the world from above. Our founder, Capt Adrian McDowell, has over 32 years’ experience as a pilot, flying with Virgin Atlantic for over 17 years. In this time, he has delivered millions of passengers to their destinations safely, leaving him best placed to deliver the footage you need with style and ease.

Adrian’s aviation passion began when he was six years old, flying anything and everything he could get his hands on from model aircraft to the Boeing 747-400. His 30-year career followed, borne out of a curiosity for wanting to explore the world from above. The Drone Group was created with this passion in mind, providing expertly captured footage, tailored to every and any need.

Our fleet of high-spec drones includes: Hurricane (THE MAVIC 2 PRO), Spitfire (THE INSPIRE 2) and Hercules (THE MATRIC 600 PRO), allow for quick, high-quality footage captured from above in stunning 6K HD.

Adrian’s skills as a commercial pilot have translated into him becoming an expert drone operator, ready to deliver the best footage from heights only seen from a cockpit before. He has built a dedicated team, sharing his knowledge to ensure every member of The Drone Group provides the same level of expertise, commitment and security you would expect from a traditional flying experience.


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A pilot’s mind combined with a photographer’s eye.

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