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March 26, 2019by The Drone Group

The age of the drone is upon us and whilst the general perception is dulled by world events like the Gatwick incident that we so often see in the news, there are also many great benefits to drone filming and photography.

Drones have beneficial values from the Israelis building the first drone, to the military applications used for detection, surveillance and zonal cleansing. We have outlined a few great ways in which a drone can add value to your projects. Just remember to always make sure you have the correct permissions before taking off.


Great ways to utilise drones 

Drone Weddings 

Weddings are a great place to capture that wonderful day from a totally different perspective.  From aerial photos to HD videos, you’ll gain high-end footage that will leave you breathless and give you some treasured memories.


Drone House sales

Drones will show a wonderful outlook both within the boundaries of your home and beyond the property you wish to sell, whether that be the one bedroom flat or the country manner. It will take you to places that others can’t.


Drone Farming 

Farming is a very expensive and time-consuming industry, especially when crops are failing. Drones have the ability, with the correct type application software, to assess, within a very short period of time when crops are failing either by pest disease or lack of nutrients and therefore formulate a plan.


Drone TV and film 

The TV and film industry is a multi-billion pound entity starting from the low budget documentary to the Hollywood majors.  Producers are still using helicopters to create that sweeping aerial shot to complement the documentaries and movies. These come at a huge cost to the final budget requiring very deep pockets. Commercial drones can produce the same desired effect, with less impact on the environment, at a fraction of the price of helicopter hire.

Live feedback is very important for our customers in order to gain the ultimate final desired production, be that for the Hollywood blockbuster or the aerial photo of the one-bedroom apartment.


What does the future hold 

We feel that in the not too distant future we will have the drone equivalent of Uber operating throughout our worldwide cities. The technology is there, it’s just a case of finding the correct operating platform which ultimately safeguards the customers. Both Boeing and Airbus along with a few other competitors have already flown their own personal drone UAV’s.  In order to define and connect customers with major cities for fully autonomous drone flight, defined set air corridors will need to be made available.

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