A view from above,
with our top of the range drones.

A pilot’s mind, combined with a cinematographer’s eye,
for stunning aerial photography for Film and Television.

THE MAVIC 2 PROHurricane

Speedy and agile, this drone is the smallest of our fleet, but still captures quality sky-high HDR photography and video. Perfect for events like weddings or celebrations.




Powerful and fast, this drone will lock-on to the very best viewpoints around. It provides stunning high-end cinematic content, best used for TV commercials, documentaries and industrial applications.

THE MATRIC 600 PROHercules

Not for the faint-hearted, the Matric 600 Pro secures high-end cinematography. Suitable for any location, this drone is the biggest of the bunch and is always in high demand due to its infallible quality.

Why choose us

Our unique experience

Our drone operator, Capt Adrian, has over 30 years’ experience as a commercial airline pilot. He understands all of the rules and regulations, alongside the legal requirements that come hand in hand with flying drones, leaving no room for error or malpractice.

We are the whole package

We not only have know-how flying drones, but our highly skilled team can also offer amazing footage from the ground, with a combined 40 years of production experience. Instead of hiring a range of different experts and companies, you can hire our full production team to complete your entire project from start to finish.

Real-time footage

Our drones are equipped with live monitors so you can see all recordings from the safety of the ground. This real-time footage allows for tweaks and alterations to be made immediately, saving time in editing or re-recording shots.

Our drones

We’ve named our drones after their flying equivalents: Hurricane, Spitfire and Hercules – helping our users to easily identify them. However, these drones are also known in the technology world as The Mavic 2 Pro, The Inspire 2 and The Matric 600 Pro – an extremely high-specification fleet ready to deliver quality footage.
drone photography

We don’t just get you footage,
we get you a unique perspective.

Whether flying passengers or drones,

Capt Adrian McDowell ensures every mission is safe and successful.
drone photography
birds eye view

We’ve now reached our cruising altitude of 400ft

where we will capture the most visually stunning content using the very latest digital technology.


Whether you would like to discuss a project, have a question about how we work or would like a quote we would love to hear from you!
the drone group

A pilot’s mind combined with a photographer’s eye.

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